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Assignment: Chapter 5 Programming Problems

· Complete Programming Problems 1 and 2.
· Provide the analysis, pseudocode and test cases using the template submitted in Week 6 only (no diagrams are required).

Chapter 5 Programming Problem
Maximum Points




Test Cases

  • IT/210 -

    Keeping in mind that we have access to no program or textbook, what is the question?


  • IT/210 -

    Do not expect to have a program all written out for you to submit. It would not be a good idea because it could happen that many students would submit the same work!

    The best way to obtain help is to give it a try, and post the part that is difficult for you, be it pseudocode, debugging logic or syntax. In the latter cases, do post the part of the code that is problematic.

    Reference to chapters without name of textbook nor author is not getting you anywhere. Even if you do, tutors may not have the same textbook, or the right edition.

  • IT/210 -

    I don't know how to upload the text book

  • IT/210 -

    Does your textbook have an author and a publisher, perhaps an ISBN number?

    You have to provide something. And also, you need to describe the topic you are working on, the computer language you are using, and the nature of the problem. Would it be calculating prime numbers, looking up a dictionary, or other things.

    What have you done so far? Where is it that you have difficulties? Try to give some details so that we know what help you need.

  • IT/106 -

    Need to write a pseudocode and do a flow chart for checking the balance

  • IT/210 -

    How do I write a psuedocode for checking the balances and how do I do a flow chart for checking the balances?

  • IT/210 -

    I have a question. I believe I have the correct code but I need help with part 2. Not sure how to enter the students names

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