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Swimming Strokes by Lee Carroll
Paragraph 3: The second type of stroke-the breast strok-is my favorite, since it feels the most natural. Here the kick became very important. In the past, the frog kick was popular, but today this had been largely supplanted by whip kick. To do a whip kick, separate your legs, you should bend your knees, and point your calves and feet up toward the surface of the water. Push your feet down through the water, and you should whip your legs together. At the same time, you will make a heart-shaped movement through the water to pull yourself foward. Unlike with the crawl, your breathing coordinates easily with the lift of your head and shoulders. As your hands came foward in the water to form the point of the heart, lift your shoulders and head from the water and breathe. As your arms pull back to form the body of your heart, you should place your head back in the water. How many errors are there in paragraph 3 relating to subject-verb agreement and parallelism because the errors in the passage range from 0 errors to 3 errors and nothing more than 3 errors?

I found 3 errors in subject-verb agreement and 3 errors in parallelism.

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    You should put those errors here so we are sure you got them.

    today this has been
    by the whip kick?
    As your hands come forward (spelling)


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