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5th Grade Math

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I am a mom trying to help my child with their math HW. But this question has us stumped. I've seen it posted before but no real explanation was offered. Please provide EXPLANATION, not just answers.

Q: Make up a list of data with the following landmarks:
Mode: 15 Min: 5 Median: 10 Max: 20
Use at least 10 numbers

(then there is a blank line across the page.)_

Q, part II: Draw a Bar Graph to represent your data. (obviously i don't expect a drawing, an explanation though would help.

Thank you!

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    I will not choose the numbers for you, but I hope the information below will be helpful.

    Highest score will be 20 and lowest will be 5. Half of the scores will be above 10 and half below (median). The largest number of scores are 15 (mode).

    Use X's to represent each of the scores on the horizontal axis. Let the number of X's for each score determine the height of the bars. For one X, the bar will be one unit high, for three X's, it will be three units high.

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