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Posted by Mike on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 7:04pm.

Can you please check these questions, please? Thank you very much in advance

1) I had to do the cleaning twice a day. 2) It took me one hour to get to Turin. 3) For my next holidays I’m going to Sicily with my parents. 4) He was reading a book when the police arrested him. 5) I’m not playing on my Nintendo DS these days.
6) She has to pick up the children from school every morning. Who does she have to pick up from school?
7) When I'm on holiday, I usually get up late, have my breakfast made by my mum (?) and then I play computer games.
8) I sometimes invite my friends home or go to a friend's house.In the evening I usually go (out) for a pizza or to the cinema with my friends. I like hanging out with friends till late.
9)These days I'm studying very hard for my school exames in May. I'm spending more time on my own and I rarely invite friends home. For my nxt holiday(s) I'm flying to Sardinia with my family. I'm spending two weeks in a four-ster-hotel by the sea. I hope to enjoy myself a lot as I did last year.

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