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don't quite understand how to go about finding the answer to this problem. I have to find two different points for a line, graph it, and also above or below the line to show the relationship. How do I go about doing this?

The equation is: 3y-8x >24

Thank you so much!

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    Consider the equation 3y - 8x = 24
    it is easy to find the intercepts, that would give you two points to determine the boundary line
    let x=0 , then y = -3 ---> point (0,8)
    let y = 0 , then x = 8 ---> point (-3,0)

    joint these two points with a dotted line
    shade in the region above the line.

    (the original can be changed to
    3y > 8x + 24
    y > (8/3)x + 8

    If y > mx + b, shade the region ABOVE the corresponding line
    if y < mx + b , shade the region BELOW the line )

  • algebra 2 - ,

    log 1
    evaluate the expression
    in not sure how to sove for this

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