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another question:

the 20 kg block is at the top of a 10 m long inclined plane. The block starts from rest and slides without friction down the length of the incline. The block is 5 m high.

1) Determine the gravitational potential energy of the block at the top of the incline.

Will PE = mgh = 20 * 9.8 * 5 work?

2) Determine the kinetic energy of the block when it reaches the bottom of the incline

Will KE = 1/2 mv^2
980 = 1/2 (20) v^2 solve for v work?

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    I am uncertain of the height on 1). You said the block is 5 m high? Did you mean the inclined plane?

    2) again, same issue.

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    Sorry. Yes, the inclined plane is 5 m high.

    so will the PE and KE formulas work?

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