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Posted by Mike on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 6:05pm.

Thank you very much for helping me! Your information was really of help can you say that?)
Here is a paragraph I wrote on Dulce et Decorum Est by Owen. I know it is incomplete. I also need to find more data on the "War poets" and on this poem, too. Can you help m?

1) This poem is a manifesto against war and is addressed to those who claim that war is right and glorious. 2) Through anti-heroic images, Owen gives an insight into what he calls “the pity of war”, its humane aspects.
3) In the first stanza the soldiers are retreating towards the trenches. 4) They are tired, scared; they cough and are made blind as a result of the gas of the shells.
5) (They are weary because of moral and physical exhaustion). In the second stanza there is the description of a gas attack: the men try to put on their masks in the green light and the poet’s friend is wounded.
6) (The movements of the soldiers are convulsive and frantic because of panic).
7) In the third stanza the sight of the dying friend returns in the poets dreams. In the fourth stanza the poet describes his friend’s horrible death from chemical warfare and conveys the message of the poem.
8) The poet is probably addressing those people who think of war as a noble adventure.The poem is rich in alliteration, repetition of sounds and onomatopoeia.

Can you say "He is frightened of the lion? Does it have the same meaning as "He is frightened by the lion?" Thank you.

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