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A 680 newton student runs up a flight of stairs 3.5 m high in 11.4 seconds. The student takese 8.5 seconds to run up the same flight of stairs during a second trial.

1)Find the work done by the 680 N student in climbing the stairs

2) Determine the power developed by the student during the 11.4 second climb.

3. Write 1-2 sentences: Compare the power developed by the student climbing the stairs in 11.4 seconds to the power developed during the 8.5 second trial.

I need help setting up the problem in 1 and 2. #3 I don't understand what is wanted for the comparison.

  • physics -

    work done = 680*3.5 Joules

    first time:
    power = work/time = 680*3.5/11.4 Watts

    second time:
    power = 680*3.5/8.5

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