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Which one of the following statements about the gate-control theory is true?
Pain impulses create a gate leading to the brain.
The brain is capable of generating pain on its own.
The gate closes when pain messages go to the brain.
Damage to small nerve fibers lets pain through to the brain.

I am not sure but think it is B

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    I searched Google under the key words "gate-control theory" to get this information:

    Proposed by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall, gate control theory suggests that the spinal cord contains a neurological “gate” that either block pain signals or allows them to continue on to the brain. Unlike an actual gate, which opens and closes to allow things to pass through, the "gate" in the spinal cord operates by differentiating between the types of fibers carrying pain signals. Pain signals traveling via small nerve fibers are allowed to pass through, while signals sent by large nerve fibers are blocked. Gate control theory is often used to explain phantom or chronic pain.

    This would lead me to choose the last alternative.

    In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words to do your own search. Also see

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    I'm guessing D because it says when large fibers are damage small fibers open the gate allowing pain messages to reach the brain.. but it doesn't mention the word nerve???

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    D was wrong :(

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