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Can you check if my instructions on how to do the washing and the washing-up are correct? Thank you very much.

When you do the washing, you sort the clothes, put them into the washing machine, insert the washing powder into the drawer or plastic container, start the washing machine, wait until the washing is finished, take the clothes out and hang them on the clothes line. Once they are dried, you take them off the clothes line, iron them and put them into the proper drawers or hange them in the wardrobe.
When you do the washing up, you put the dishes into the sink, add the washing-up powder (soap), wash them up, rinse them and dry them. Finally, you put them back in the cupboard.

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    If you are aiming to write in British English, then keep everything just as you have written (with one correction -- spelling of the word "hang").

    If you are aiming to write in American English, then use these substitutes:

    washing = wash or laundry
    washing powder = laundry detergent
    wardrobe = closet
    washing up = dishes (or When you wash the dishes...)
    washing-up powder = dish soap, dish detergent

    Also be aware that many people in the US use clothes dryers rather than a clothes line. Some people use both!

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