March 29, 2015

Homework Help: english grammar

Posted by jessie on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 1:00pm.

please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar.
kindly help me to make a good letter.


subject:sales commission



I am writing to you due to next month will be my annul vacation and,I would like to ask a favorale request regarding my sales commission in fujifilm outlet shop.I am shortage of financially and my family has no income in the philippines.I am going vacation although i don't have enough money to bring because my family is longing and missing me and some important matters needed my personal appearance.SIR,kindly please i really need your help in order to release my commission from the month of Oct.2010.I have not receieve a commission from the month of Oct.2010 up to this time.i hope you can help me regarding this matter.It would be a great gratitude and I appreciate you.

thank you very much for your kind help and consideration.

thank you very much and best regards.

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