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Need some explanations about the articles!
Why do we say I love Italian food and not the Italian food
Why do we say I leave home at 3 and not I leave the home
why do we say I go to bed at 11 and not I go to the bed at 11

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    The use of articles are a large pain in the neck to people learning English -- and people who have grown up speaking English often cannot explain them to others! It's very strange!
    Notice the disclaimer in the box:
    CAUTION! ...

    Be sure to read and study that webpage. It has excellent explanations and examples for you.

    I'll give you the best explanations I can, but this is an area that is always tricky.

    1. If you say, "I love Italian food," you are saying you like all types of food that Italians fix/cook/make.
    But ... if you say, "I love the Italian food," someone will probably wait for you to name a specific dish or region. Example: I love the Italian food made by people in Tuscany.

    2. If you say, "I leave home at 3," you are saying you leave your own home around 3 o'clock each day.
    But ... if you say, "I leave the home," people will expect you to tell what home. Is it an old folks' home? A nursing home? What?

    3. Can you now explain #3??

    Let me know.

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    The use of articles is a large pain in the neck ...

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    Thank you! I got it. It's a bit easier now

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    You're welcome. It's not easy, I know!

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