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I Would like someone to proofread what I have wrote as a double check I did not miss anything and that it makes sence. Thanks in advance...

Here is the question I had to answer.

Review the information about thesis statements in the Center for Writing Excellence. Identify your point of view and the point you will prove in your paper. How will your thesis statement clearly identify your point of view and point to prove?

Here is my Answer.

The point of view I will convey in my thesis statement is most Americans should not use credit cards. The point I will then prove is that responsible use of a credit card does not exist, as credit card debt is a major problem in America.

After reviewing the information in the Center for Writing Excellence, it gave me ideas to build upon. However, I will need to construct several thesis statements before I am happy with my results. In order for me to identify my positions clearly on the topic, my thesis statement will be strong, clear and concise. It will be very specific and offer enough details for my readers to grasp my argument. I also believe my thesis statement to be effective must stick to one particular Idea, which is arguable and justifies discussion.

Once I gave created a strong and concise thesis statement, I will use it to keep me on the topic referring back to it regularly.

Thanks again for your thoughts

  • Com II -

    The first sentence you wrote and the last sentence you wrote are very rough and hard to read.

    The two paragraphs in between are perfect. Make sure you are not committing plagiarism in these two paragraphs.

    The ideas in those two paragraphs are good.

  • Com II -

    Thank you very much. Believe it or not I didn't commit plagiarism in the body. I am not the best when it relates to expressing my thoughts on paper. I hope it gets easier as time progresses. Thank you again... I will work on the intro and exit and I will hope for the best...

  • Com II -

    It will get easier. It just takes work and not giving up.

    The thesis statement you wrote is a superb one. Will you be writing a paper based on that statement?


  • Com II -

    Yes, I will have a lot of research ahead of me, although I think it will be a fun exercise.

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