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I am having trouble figuring out this question:

Part 1: A long staight wire carries a current due East. This wire creates, at point #1, a magnetic field that is derected at 40 deg below due South. From point #1, the wire is located:

50 deg below due North
50 deg below due South
40 deg above due North
40 deg above due South
50 deg above due West
50 deg above due East
40 deg below due West
40 deg below due East
directly above
directly below
none of these choices

Part 2: Refer to the previous problem. An electron at point #1 is instantaneously traveling due North. Due only to the wire, the electron at #1 instantaneously accelerates:

directly up
directly down
50 deg N or West
50 deg S of East
none of the above

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