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Thank you very much for your help.
Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. (I included four sentences on how to make wine)

1)This wine is made from Nebbiolo grapes, grown exclusively on the slopes (vineyards?) of these hills.
2)These veneyards have been cultivated from my parents for 40 years.
3) We pick our grapes by hands and all he family is involved in the picking. 4) The grapes are loaded into crates in the veneyards and then brought by tractor to the winery.The picking time may vary depending on the weather.
5) We talked to each other in French.
Be careful not to hurt/burn/cut yourself
6)At first she hid (hersef) because she didn't want to meet her.
7) This wine is excellent with veal meat. (Can you suggest a better verb ?)
8) Don't make the school equipment dirty.Wash out (?) the test tubes before leaving the lab.
Which chore is most popular with girls? (Why is "the most" wrong?)

  • English -

    1. on the slopes / in the vineyards
    2. spelling of vineyards....cultivated BY my parents
    3. by hand...all the family
    4. spelling of vineyards
    7) with veal. (goes well with)

    Which chore is the most popular...implies that there are choices. Who said it was wrong?


  • English -

    Use the word more with adjectives that compare two things.
    Use the word most with adjectives that compare three or more things.

    Ex:The weather is more beautiful today than yesterday
    Winter is the most wonderful season of all

    This wine is excellent with veal meat. (This wine accompanies veal meat)

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