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URGENT! chemistry- percentage yield

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heating an ore of antimony sulfide in the presence of iron gives th element antimony and iron(2) sulfide. when 15.0 antimony sulfide reacts with an excess of iron, 9.84 g antimony is produced. what is the percent yield of this reaction?

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    You need to calculate the theoretical yield (Y) starting from 15.0 (I presume g) of antimony sulfide. In order to do this you need a balanced equation, so you need to insert symbols and balance:

    iron + antimony sulfide -> antimony + iron(II)sulfide.

    To calculate the theoretical yield find the number of moles of antimony sulfide in 15.0 g.

    15.0 g/(Molar mass of antimony sulfide)

    then calculate the theoretical number of moles of antimony formed using the balanced equation.

    Y (theoretical yield) is then

    Y=moles of antimony x molar mass of antimony.

    percentage yield
    = (9.84 g x 100)/Y

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