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At t= 1.0s, a 0.61 kg object is falling with a speed of 6.0 m/s. At t= 2.0s, it has a kinetic energy of 25 J.

1. What is the kinetic energy of the object at t= 1.0s?

2. What is the speed of the object at t= 2.0s?

3. How much work was done on the object between t= 1.0s and t= 2.0s?

  • pyhsics - ,

    Where are you stuck on this?

  • pyhsics - ,

    never mind, i figured out how to do this problem

    1. K = 11J
    2. v = 9.1m/s
    3. W = 14J

    the wording was just alittle bit confusing

  • pyhsics - ,

    I'm actually trying to do this problem right now. I'm a bit stuck on the second part. How do you find the speed of the object at t = 2.0s?

    Every kinematic equation I've tried to use requires acceleration, and I can't find acceleration with having the final velocity... ahhh.

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