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Physics please help!!

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Piston 1 has a diameter of 0.524cm Piston 2 has a diameter of 5.64 cm. In the absence of friction, determine the force required on piston 1 necessary to support an object, m, with weight 1072 N. (Neglect the height difference between the bottom of the two pistons, and assume that the pistons are massless)

  • Physics please help!! -

    The pressure is the same.


    figure the area of each (area=PI (diameter/2)^2)

  • Physics please help!! -

    Is the 1072N=F2?

  • Physics please help!! -


  • Physics please help!! -

    So F1/2.15E-5=1072N/2.4E-3
    F1= 2.15E-5*(1072/2.4E-3)
    F1=9.63E10 N

    I think I did this right but the answer comes up wrong when I submit it

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