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40. A Luisa y a Mario _________ las películas de ciencia ficción.
a. les fascinaron
b. me fascinan
c. te fascinaron
d. nos fascina
A or D? Not sure..

41. Tenemos sueño. ____ aburre ese programa de detectives.
a. Les
b. Me
c. Nos
d. Le
Not sure.

42. "¿Va a ser largo o corto el concierto?"
"______ va a ser bastante corto, sólo una hora y media."
a. Pienso que
b. Pienso creer
c. En punto
d. Demasiado
Either A or B

44. No me siento muy bien hoy. _______ debo quedarme en la cama.
a. Todavía no
b. a las ocho
c. punctualmente
d. por eso
None of the choices seem to fit. "I do not feel very well today. _______ I stay in bed." A- not yet B- at eight C- leave on time D- Why

45. Mario tiene veinte años. Su mejor amigo tiene veintiún a años. Mario es _______ que su amigo.
a. mejor
b. menos
c. menor
d. mayor
Again the choices don't fit, because if they're both 20, which is what my translation tells me, they're equal..

46. Yo tengo ___ coche de todos. Necesito comprar un nuevo.
a. el peor
b. peor
c. los peores
d. viejo
Not sure..

48. "¿Has probado los churros? A mí me gustan mucho."
"Sí, los ____. A mí me encantan."
a. pruebo
b. probó
c. he probado
d. has probado
C? Not sure..


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    40. You are talking about Luisa and Mario, so you are looking for the word “they.” The word nos is the same as nosotros, which means “us,” or “we.” So I believe the correct choice in this sentence is “a,” since “les” is they. So they are fascinated with science fiction movies.

    41. Look at the word “tenemos”--the first sentence says “We are tired.” So you need to look at which word means “we.”--
    me-me or I
    le-him or her
    the only one left is “nos” which means?

    42. Is the concert going to be long or short? I think that it will be really short, only an hour and a half.
    Pienso means “I think”; que means “that”--together= “I think that”

    Pienso=I think; creer= to think or ponder; putting them together makes no sense

    the correct answer is choice “a”

    44. This does make sense.
    a) Still (no debo= I shouldn’t)
    b) at eight o’clock
    c) punctually
    d) of course

    So the sentence actually translates to “I don’t feel very well today. Still I shouldn’t stay in bed.”

    45. Mario is 20 years old--viente anos. His best friend is 21 years old--veinteun anos. Mario is younger (menor) than his friend.

    46. I believe that this one is “el peor” which means “the worst”--so the sentence would say “I have the worst car of all (or everyone). I need to buy a new one.”
    This is the choice that makes most sense to me. But you might want to double check.

    48. I think that the correct answer for this is “a”
    I would double check this one too.

    (I’m Puerto Rican--I’ve lived in Puerto Rico, but we don’t always speak properly as far as grammar goes-- so I’m not sure on the last two questions--number 46 and 48. Double check them).

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    40. Yes, A because you are neither of those 2 people!

    42. The reason you need "que" is because it is a clause relater between the first clause "Pienso" and the rest of it.

    44. Yes, it DOES make sense if you that "por eso" means "for that reason!:

    45. C

    46. Yes because "the" = "el" and "worst" is "peor."

    48. Look at the verb (tense) that IS there: "¿has probado?" This is the Present Perfect tense (HAVE you TRIED) and you answer with the same tense = "He probado" = (I HAVE TRIED)

    Otherwise, well done Elie!


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    Thank you both so much!! But I'm still confused about #44--What is the answer to that one and why?


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