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Use the parallelogram of forces method to determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant of the forces given:1.7N at 45 and 2.4N at -60.

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    The paralleogram method is useful if you are doing a graphic solution. Make the two vectors adjacent sides of a parallelogram, complete the other two sides, and draw a diagonal from the corner where the two vectors touch, to the opposite corner. The diagonal will be the resultant vector.

    We can't draw vectors for you. For a numerical solution, add the components.

    In the +x direction your resultant component is 1.7cos45 + 2.4 cos60 = 2.402. In the +y direction the resultant component is 1.7 sin45 -2.4sin60 = -0.874
    Magnitude = 2.557
    Direction: arctan (-0.874/2.557)
    = -18.9 degrees

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