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1.) an account invested in a month market fund grew from $67,081.20 to $67,359.39 in a month. What was the interest rate, to the nearest tenth?

2.)you are due a tax refund of $760. your tax preparer offers you a no-interest loan to be repaid by your refund check, which will arrive in four weeks. she charges a $60 fee for this service. what actual interest rate will you pay for this loan?

3.)Let y base 1 be the future value after t years of $100 invested at 8% annual simple interest. let y base 2 be the future value after t years of $200 invested at 3% annual simple interest.

a.) think of y base 1 and y base 2 as functions of t and write the rules of these functions.
b.) without graphing, describe the graphs of y base 1 and y base 2.

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    YOu are going to have to show some work or thought on these. WE are not going to do your homework for you. What is it about these you don't understand. All are simple formulas.

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