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While writing the date 6/15/90 (June 15, 1990), James noticed that the month (6) times the day (15) equaled the year (90).

There are four other dates in 1990 that fit this equation. Find and list them.

What do Bastille Day and Christmas ever in any yeah have in common? How many dates fit this pattern?

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    Bastille Day is always July 14. Christmas is always December 25.

    Can you think of other dates that are always on the same day and month?

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    christmas eve is always on december 25
    10/9/90 those are the only ones i can think

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    Christmas Eve is December 24

    What about New Years Day? Independence Day? Valentine's Day? Flag Day? Halloween? April Fool's Day?

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    ohhh yea that's what i ment sorry about that and thanks for the rest

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    umm now that u made me think i have 9/10/90
    5/18/90 but i nedd one more and i cnt think of one

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    As an aside, I wonder how many Americans know that there are several ways to write dates

    I know the American way is to write
    03/04/2011 or March 4th, 2011

    However in Canada and other countries we write it as
    04/03/2011 for March 4th 2011, in ascending units of time.
    The more standard way , according to ISO, responsible for metric units, the proper way would be
    2011-03-04 , in descending units of time which would allow for addition of smaller units such as hours, minutes, and seconds

    Just thought I would throw in my 2 bits of trivial here.

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