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Diff eqn- IVP

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The differential equation that governs the forced oscillation is shown below:

0.2 d²y/dt² + 1.2 dy/dt +2y = r(t) where r(t) is the external force.

Given that r(t) = 5 cos 4t with y(0) = 0 . find the equation of motion of the forced oscillations

  • Differential equations-missing one initial condition - ,

    Normalize the equation by multiplying by 5:
    0.2 d²y/dt² + 1.2 dy/dt +2y = 5 cos(4t) = r(t)
    d²y/dt² + 6 dy/dt + 10y = 25cos(4t)

    Find the complementary solution:
    So the solution to the homogeneous equation is:

    Now find the particular solution by undetermined coefficients:
    Assume the particular solution to be:
    and substitute in y of the the original equation:

    d²yp/dt² + 6 dyp/dt + 10yp = 25cos(4t)

    Compare coefficients of cos(4t) and sin(4t):
    -24A-6B=0 => B=-4A
    -6A+24B=25 => -102A=25 => A=-25/102
    (substitute in homogeneous equation to verify that you get 25cos(4t) )

    The general solution is therefore:

    Initial conditions:
    To solve the second order problem completely, you'll need two initial conditions. We are givn y(0)=0 at t=0.
    We need another one (such as y'(0)=5 at t=0).

    Substitute the initial conditions into the general solution above and solve for C1 and C2 to give the final solution of the initial value problem.

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