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Physical science

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A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200 kg hockey puck by 6 m/s in 2 seconds. How much did the hockey puck accelerate? How much force was exerted on the puck? How much force did the puck exert on the hockey stick?

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    Assuming the puck was stationary to begin with and experiences constant acceleration, vf=vi+a*t
    rearrange to isolate for a, you get
    but the initial velocity was zero, so

    once you know a,

    Newton's Third says for every action there is a reaction, so whatever force the stick exerts on the puck, the force exerted on the stick by the puck is of equal magnitude

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    what are your name

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    The puck accelerated 6m/s in 2s, which (assuming constant acceleration) is 3m/s^2

    f = m*a
    f = 0.200kg * 3m/s^2 = 0.6N
    From Newton's Third Law,
    there was 0.6N exerted both on the puck by the stick, and 0.6N on the stick by the puck

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