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Posted by gin on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 11:26pm.

Heterogenous equilibrium of ammonium
bisulfide. Ammonium bisulfide NH4HS forms ammonia NH3 and hydrogen sulfide H2S through the reaction NH4HS(s) arrows + H2S(g). This reaction has a kp value of 0.120 at 25 C. A 5.0-L flask is charged with .400g of pure H2S(g) at 25 C.

Evaluate the validity of the following statement. Give true or false anwswers and please explain so I can understand. I thought I did, but my answers are wrong:

No reaction occurs?
The reaction proceeds to the left?
The reaction proceeds to the right?
Q is greater than K?
Q is equal to 0?
The pressure of ammonia is zero?

What is the initial pressure of H2S(g) in the flask? Express answer numerically in atmospheres.
p = ________________atm

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