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the pka of acetone is CH3COCH3 is 19.3 which of these bases is strong enough to deprotonate acetone?

a)KOH (pka of H20 = 15.7)
b)Na+ -C(triplebond)CH (pka of C2H2 = 25)
c)NaHCO3 (pka of H2CO3 = 6.4)
d)NaOCH3 pka of CH3OH = 15.6)

i know the answer is b but why is it b? is it because the pka is high?

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    N2O4(g) 2 NO2(g)

    The ΔH° for the reaction above is +57.2 kJ. The system is initially at equilibrium. Which of the following changes will favor the reverse reaction?
    NO2 is removed.
    N2O4 is removed.
    A catalyst is added.
    The temperature is increased.
    The temperature is decreased.
    The volume of the container is increased.
    The volume of the container is decreased.
    Ar is added at constant pressure.
    Ar is added at constant volume.

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