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Homework Help: Political Science: American Government

Posted by lara on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 8:54pm.

Can you please tell me if these are correct? Thank you!

Generally, people with lower incomes, less education, and lower job status:

a. are more conservative in their political opinions.
b. are more liberal in their political opinions.
c. are more moderate in their political opinions.
d. are more supportive of democracy and the rule of law.
e. are more supportive of equality and individual opportunity.
I picked a.

10 Which one of the following would be a salient issue for most Americans?
a. aid for farmers growing corn in Illinois
b. anti-trust laws
c. policies toward small businesses
d. aid to a small island nation in Asia
e. the state of the economy
I picked c.

37. Imagine that the sierra club want the U.S. President to introduce a bill to congress that would protect a section of old-growth forest in Washington from clear cutting. They create a written statement and present it to the secretary of the interior. Which method of lobbing has the sierra club employed?
a. evasive threat
b. personal visits
c. indirect lobbying
d. direct lobbying
e. amicus curiae briefs
I picked b.

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