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what are the effects of geomagnetism to health? and how it can be prevented. The situation is "we off our main power because we fix one of our outlet, then after we fix it we up one of our appliances but the said appliance is functioning even if no electrity". Hope someone can help me this,,,,thanks

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    If you are talking about the magnetic field emitted by appliances, antennas and power lines, which some people believe may cause health problems, then you are NOT talking about geomagnetism. It is changing, not steady, magnetic and/or electric fields that may have a small effect; however there is still a lot of controversy about this topic and I am not convinced there is a problem. There is no convincing evidence that cell phione users, for example, have a health risk from using them (unless it is while driving).

    The geomagnetic magnetic field of the Earth (which is less than one gauss) has no proven health effect rather than to make compasses work and possibly help guide migrating birds.

    I do not know what you mean by "upping" your appliances, or how any could function without electricity.

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