February 19, 2017

Homework Help: Story about my future Part 2

Posted by Sara on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 10:11pm.

Down below is the other path I have written about.

Could you please check to see if it covers all these factors.

- cost of living on your own
-factors that add to your achievement in the workplace
-educational attainment and earning potential
-current skills and talents and your future route
-benefits/opportunities available to those with post-secondary education
-opportunity trade-offs in leaving school before graduation

A day of my life with post secondary education.......

Everything seems so magical; I have been able to reach a very high stage in my life. By keeping myself attached to my work, my learning outcomes have proved to be a success. I have gotten good grades in school and have graduated with a high school diploma in my hand. I have entered university, and I’m ready to receive post secondary education. If I had not been able to pass my classes at high school I would have never gotten an opportunity like this, as you need to pass classes to obtain credits, which I have. These credits are a very handy tool. These good grades have also helped me in getting full scholarships and I have received my student loan which I will use for being given education at university. I also have a part time job at a grocery store, and my earning potential is great is great, my level of education is high, therefore my earning potential is also high and will increase as my level of education increases. I have used that income and deposited in my savings account. My family has also made an RESP for me, so that counts for great education. At my part time job, I don’t like being average, it’s always best to stand out of the crowd, which I try my best to do. I put in extra hours in my work without having to do overtime. I also like being accountable, it’s good to admit to your mistake when you’re wrong, and I tell this to my co-workers all the time. My positive attitude brightens everything, I am confident with what whatever I accomplish. My good behaviour has made me receive good points, unlike some of my other co-workers who choose to gossip and not put any of their focus in their work. University is great; I have my passion towards Science, and I’m choosing to do a career of a pharmacist. Post secondary education is great; it is additional education that gives you more career opportunities. My desire as I have mentioned before is to become a pharmacist, and only post secondary education can provide me with the skills and knowledge I need for this occupation. Post secondary education has allowed me to gain knowledge which has helped me to deal with life experiences as well as the obstacles life brings my way. It has put me in a social environment and has given me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and has allowed me to go through experiences that will help me gain the independence I need to handle tough situations. It has helped to open door and choices for me in my future. Earning a post secondary degree is the stepping-stone which will allow me to achieve a life-long goal. I certainly cannot wait to achieve my university diploma, university degree, and trade certification.

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