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Which expression do you use the most in English?

Don't take amiss to me
or something similar? I am looking for a verb but I can't seem to find it in English. Is there also an expression like to take harm on someone? I hope you get the idea which verb or expression I am looking for
Thank you

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    I'd use "Don't take me wrong" or "Don't get me wrong" instead of the phrasing with "amiss" in it.

    For your second question, just use this: "She harmed him" or "They caused great harm to the company."

    Let me know if you have questions.

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    Ok but what about the phrase to hold the grudge against someone?

    For example don't hold the grudge against me but I think you are wrong

    Or Don't hold it against me but I think you are wrong

    Is this correct?

  • English - Native speakers - ,

    ... to hold a grudge against ...
    (Broken Link Removed) hold

    The two phrases are not identical in meaning. "To hold a grudge" implies some specific action in the past is remembered negatively.

    I think you'd be better off using "Don't hold it against me" since that's a more general statement.

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    That link above got messed up! Here's the correct link:

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