February 19, 2017

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Posted by gin - More info to initial question. Please help on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 2:51am.

what is the numerical value of the equilibrium constant Kgoal for the reaction CO2(g) C(s) +O2(g)? by making use of the following information:
1. 2CO2(g)+2H2O(I) = CH3COOH(I)+2O2(g), K1=5.40x10^-16.
2. 2H2(g)+O2(g) = 2H2O(I), K2=1.06x10^10.
3. CH3COOH(I) - 2C(s)+2H2(g+O2(g), K3=2.68x10^-9.
Express answer numrically.
I came up with 1.24^-7, but it is incorrect.

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