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Hi, please can someone tell me if this is the right number of significant figures.
8.1 x 10 to the power of -3 would have 2 sig fig
910 would have 3
175.0 would have 3
please can some tell me if I've got this right

Also how would I report each of the following measurements using both scientific notation and metric prefix system. Please can some tell me how I would do this step by step

0.751 g

260 Hz

710600 N

  • Chemistry -

    8.1 x 10^-3 would have 2 sig fig - agreed

    910 would have 3 - agreed it could be 3 sig figs, but it could also be 2 sig figs

    175.0 would have 3 - no this is 4 sig figs.

    0.751 g is 7.51 x 10^-1 g (which is 3 sig figs)

    260 Hz is 2.60 x 10^2 Hz (which is 3 sig figs) as 260 could also be 2 sig figs then 2.6 x 10^2 Hz is also a possible answer. You might even give the answer as 2.60 x 10^-1 kHz.

    710600 N Again this could be 4,5 or 6 sig figs. Thus 7.10600 x 10^5 N (which is 6 sig figs) is a possible answer. I would be possible to give this as 7.10600 x 10^2 kN.

  • Chemistry -

    8.1 x 10 to (-3)power has 2 sig fig.
    910 has 2 sig fig zero doesn't count unless there is a decimal point after it.
    175.0 has 4 decimal point is present and zero is to the left of the other sig figs.

    hope this helps!

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