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What volume of a .500 M HCl solution is needed to neutralize each of the following:
10 ml of a .300 M NaOH solution
10 mL of a .200 M Ba(OH)2 solution

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    Please remember to include the leading zero when writing values.

    Start with the equation for the neutralisation

    HCl + NaOH -> NaCl + H2O

    so one mole of HCl neutralises 1 mole of NaOH

    we have

    10 x 0.300 mmoles of NaOH so we need the same number of mmoles of HCl

    so if V is the volume of HCl

    10 x 0.300 = V x 0.500

    solve for V for the volume of HCl

    repeat for Ba(OH)2

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