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7th grade math

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A group of 32 students went to the amusement park.All of them either rode the Ferris wheel or Roller coaster.Seventeen rode the Ferris wheel,23 rode the roller coaster,and 8 did both.How many rode only the Ferris wheel

  • 7th grade math -

    You need to show a Venn Diagram for this question

  • 7th grade math -

    Have you done Venn diagrams before?

    Draw two intersecting circles, call then F and R
    put 8 in the intersection of F and R.
    put 17-8 or 9 in the region of F not intersected.
    put 23-8 or 15 in the region of R not intersected.

    So counting up what we have:
    9 + 8 + 15 = 32 , good!

    How many are "only" in the F circle ?

  • 7th grade math -

    The answer to the question is 25 people rode the ferris wheel

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