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chemistry URGENT!

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each tablespoon of the liquid contains 95mg of aluminum hydroxide and 412mg of magnesium many moles of hydronium ion can be neutralized by one tablespoon of it?al(oh)3 =78g/mol
;mgCo3 =84.3 g/mol

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    why it is nesessary to cool down the sample before titration in antacid anlaysis ?

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    If you take many more chemistry courses you will NOT be able to get away with using lower case for formulas. mgCo3 actually means milligrams carbon + o3 means nothing.
    To solve the problem, first write the equations and balance them.
    Al(OH)3 + 3H^+ ==> Al^+3 + 3H2O
    Mg(OH)2 + 2H^+ ==> Mg^+2 + 2H2O

    moles Al(OH)3 in 95 mg = grams/molar mass.
    moles Mg(OH)2 in 412 mg = grams/molar mass.

    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert moles Al(OH)3 to moles H^+.
    Do the same for Mg(OH)2.
    Then add moles H^+ from the Al compound to moles H^+ from the Mg compound to arrive at the total moles H^+ neutralized by a table spoon of the stuff.

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