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Posted by Mike on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 4:52am.

Can you please help me check these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) Slaves were considered as animals: white slaves used to sell them by auction.
2) Furthermore, white slave owners imposed a system of punishment and reward (better: of punishments and rewards to keep the slaves under control).
3) Additionally, slaves were forced to reject their tradition.
4) Anyway, despite (Though) they had hard and painful lives, they weren't miserable all the time: they were allowed to sing and dance; in this way thy got used to singing soaring and haunting songs.
5) Smith's life (better the life of Winston Smith) appears monotonous ad melancholy, because deprived of any form of privacy and relationship with other people.
6)(The) big brother is always watching his movements and listening to all the words or whispers he makes through the telescreens that are placed all around the city and thanks to the Psycho Police that spies all the citizens in their everyday life.
7) Furthermore, another element that provides to show the miserability of his life (that stresses his miserableness) is his physical aspect: he looks small, frail and skinny and appears even smaller and frailer in the blue overalls of the Party.
8) In addition, is skin, that should have been pink, had turned red because of the coarse soap and the old blunt razor blades which even roughened it (which had roughned it?).

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