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A 5-g marble, released form rest, was allowed to roll on a ramp whose lower end is 25 cm from the floor. When it left the ramp, it behaved like a body in projectile motion. What was the horizontal velocity of this marble when it left the ramp? With what momentum did it leave the ramp?

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    You have to know something about the ramp to answer these questions.

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    M= 1525g= 1.525 kg
    W= 14.95 N

    Force required to start the block into motion:
    F= 0.685(9.8)= 6.71N

    Force to maintain motion:
    F= 0.512(9.8)= 5.02N

    Compute µk and µs:
    µk = 5.02/14.95 = 0.34 µs = 6.72/14.95 = 0.45

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