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Homework Help: Business Communications

Posted by Jay on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 5:01pm.

5: You are attending a professional conference and are privileged to be introduced to Caroline Peters. You know nothing about her except that she is an executive at a very successful company. You have and idea that you would like to talk over with her. How should you address this person during your conversation?
A: Madam Vice President
B: Mrs. Peters
C: Caroline
D: Ms. Peters
MY ANSWER: A or C , I just cant decide. I think C because the question just says that you know she is an executive but didn’t list her specific title.

6: Jeff Henderson, star of a highly rated local talk show and Juliana Karr, an African-American model, will co-host the new travel show." This statement is racist because:
A: it is grammatically incorrect
B: race was mentioned for only one person described and it does not seem relevant to the story
C: It compliments only one of the town hosts
D: It does not describe the show itself in detail.

16: Rick has a private matter to talk to his supervisor about and prefers not to leave any sort of "trail" that could possibly reveal that he had even communicated with her. He should deliver his message via:
A: e-mail
B: a phone call
C: a face-to-face visit
D: instant messaging

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