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A computer is reading data from a rotating CD-ROM. At a point that is 0.032 m from the center of the disc, the centripetal acceleration is 111 m/s2. What is the centripetal acceleration at a point that is 0.070 m from the center of the disc?

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    The entire disc rotates at the same angular velocity w, and centripetal acceleration, rw^2, is proportional to r. So, at 0.070 m from the center, it will be 0.070/0.032 or 2.19 times higher.

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    For the reaction: C4H10 + O2 ¨ CO2 + H2O ( is this balanced?) , how many moles of CO2 is formed when 5.00 moles C4H10 reacts with O2?

    A. 5.00
    B. 1.25
    C. 20.0

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    Please use "Post a New Question" for new questions. Your chemistry question is not related to the physics question and answer that preceded it in this thread.

    The reaction you wrote is not balanced. After you balance it, the ratio of moles of CO2 (formed) per mole of C4H10 (consumed) will be obvious.

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    A speed skater goes around a turn that has a radius of 29 m. The skater has a speed of 14 m/s and experiences a centripetal force of 450 N. What is the mass of the skater?

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