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critical thinking

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3. Definitions sometimes involve both denotative and connotative meanings. For example, the word talk might be defined with this denotative definition: “the verbal exchange of communication.” The associated meanings, or connotations, of talk might be negative if this word referred to gossiping about someone (talking behind someone’s back) or positive if this word referred to negotiating in order to resolve an issue (talking things over).
Word choices can bring forth particular feelings. Rate the following words as having P positive connotations or as having N negative connotations.
_ __thrifty ___cheap ___skinny __slender ___wise ___sly __devour ___dine

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    We'll be happy to check YOUR THINKING. Please repost with what YOU THINK each answer is and why. Then someone here will be able to help you.

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    and, some of those are cultural dependent. Culture and usage often determine connotation.

    Look skinny, for instance. Some cultures that is not the way to be, very negative.

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