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Im trying to find an ad that should be banned, and I came upon this site

h t t p : // w w w . fastcompany . c o m /1691071/the-worst-ads-of-2011

And I think that the Progressive: "Flo Dishes Out Discounts" ad should be banned, because it kind of shows Flo in the negative limelight I think.

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    "kind of"

    "I think"

    If you aren't more certain than this, then you need to find a different ad about which you are SURE it needs to be banned.

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    I don't really watch ads, and all the ones I watch are good, they don't have any negativity in it, so Im not sure which ad to ban--I just searched up worst ads of 2011 on the internet, and that site came up. Do you know of any ads that should be banned from your thinking?

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    In my personal opinion, I think all those ads for prescription drugs need to be banned.

    1. It should be up to doctors to do the diagnosing and prescribing, not ad folks and patients.

    2. They are usually just too sappy to be true.

    3. They spend 50% or more of their air time telling why people should NOT take the drug. If they're that questionable, they should not be advertised to the general public.

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    Thanks Writeacher=)
    Yeah those ads need to be banned for sure.
    They are very light on facts.

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    You're welcome!

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