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(A) is a solution of hcl (b)is a solution of koh titrate against b8 record your titre values as follows burretreading|rough|1stread|2ndread|3rdread/finalrding under rough|33.50|un der 1s rd |33.50|under 2nd rd |33.60| under3rd rd|33.70 intial rding under rough|0.00| 1st |0.00 |2nd| 0.00| 3rd |0.00| volume of aciad used|under rough |33.50| 1strd |33.50| 2ndrd|33.60| 3rdrd |33.70|calc average titre value =33.50*33.60*33.70 all over 3 =100.8 all over 3=33.6 but am not ok with d answer help (question) frm your reading calc>concentration of b in mol/dm-3 (2)conc of a in mol/dm-3 (3)conc of a in g/dm-3 solve pls help

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