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Simplify the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive exponents.
-14xy / 42x^5y^8

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    =-1/3 x^(1-5) y^(1-8)
    =-1/3 x^-4 y^-7

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    -14/42= -14/(3*14)= -1/3

    -14xy/42x^5y^8 =


    Multiply with x^5*y^8

    -xy/3x^5y^8= -x*y*x^5*y^8/3=


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    alx answer is wrong

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    -14xy/42x^5y^8= -xy/3x^5y^8= -x^6*y^9/3

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    "-14xy/42x^5y^8= -xy/3x^5y^8= -x^6*y^9/3"

    please check your answer.

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    please help me with the factorization,findin the middle term

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