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While watching ocean waves at the dock of the bay, Otis notices that 8 waves pass beneath him in 30 seconds. He also notices that the crests of successive waves exactly coincide with the posts that are 3 meters apart. What are the period, frequency, wavelength, and speed of the ocean wave?

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    Frequency is the number of waves that pass by in one second. You know that 8 waves pass by in 30 seconds. How many pass by in 1 second?

    Period is the time it takes for one wave to pass by. Period is the inverse of frequency (T = 1/f).

    Wavelength is the distance measured from crest to crest.

    The speed of the waves can be calculated by multiplying wavelength by the frequency.

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    frequency is 8/30=./2
    period is =1/(8/30)=1/(./2)=5
    wavelength is 30 meters and speed of ocean waves is according to above formula becomes (30*./2)=6 m/s
    good luck students of physics more study and very more practice physics problems.
    alhosseiny from iran(tehran)

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