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The volume of an adult's stomach ranges from about 50 mL when empty to 1 L when full.If its volume is 500 mL and its contents have a pH of 2, how many moles of H+ does it contain?

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    pH = -log(H^+).
    Solve for (H^+) and the answer is in molarity which is moles/L.
    Then moles = M x L = ??

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    You are given pH which is (-log[H^+] ). so first you take 10^-2 to get the Molarity of [H^+], then you convert 500 mL to Liters so divide 500 by 1000. Finally you take Molarity times volume in liters to get moles of H^+.

    10^-2 = .01

    500/1000 = .5

    .01 * .5 = 5*10^-3 = Moles of H^+ ions.

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