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Please help me with these! Thanks :)

Describe, in detail, how to make 5.5 liters of a 2.5 molar HCl solution from a 10.5 molar HCl stock solution.

How many grams of a stock solution that is 85.5 percent H2SO4 by mass would be needed to make 150 grams of a 45.0 percent by mass solution? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem.

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    you are diluting it 10.5/2.5 times, or 4.2 times. Which means, you want one part stock solution, and 3.2 parts water.

    well, what is one part? 5.5/4.2=1.31 liters.

    Take 1.31 liters of the stock solution (10.5M HCl), then add it to 3.2x1.31=4.19liters water.

    always add acid to water.

    label the solution.

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