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Can you help me check the following sentences I'm doubtful about? Thank you.

1)The dragon tries to kill Beowulf with the flames he blows from his mouth.
2) Beowulf is buried wiht the glory and the gold he had won (?) in his battles.
3) The name Beowulf results from the root words bee and wolf,meaning "bear".
4) The dragon became savage in mood. (instead furious with Beowulf.
5) Beowulf is an epic poem from or of? the 7th century.
6) He has to fight two (or against/with?) gigantic monsters.
He is presented as/like the perfect epic hero: he is brave and corageous.
7) The dragon is described as a snake, quick and horrible (or a horrible and quick snake?).

  • English - ,

    1 - OK

    2 - with

    3 - delete "results" and use "comes from"

    4 - either phrasing will work

    5 - italicize the title of the poem; don't italicize the name of the main character

    6 - you can use "against" or "with" or neither; use "as"

    7 - delete the words in parentheses

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