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Seven inches are equivalent to 17.78 cm. Find the equation converting length in cm to length in inches. What is the length in inches of a 96.2 cm bar?

17.8cm =7 in.
1cm = (7/17.78)in
96.2cm = 96.2 (7/17.78)in
96.2cm = 37.874 in

can this be graphed and how?

  • algebra - ,

    I = c/2.54 , where I is inches and c is cm

    so when c = 96.2
    I = 96.2/2.54 = 37.87

    it can be graphed by having a horizontal axis called c for cm, and a vertical called I for inches.
    since it is a straight line any two points will fix the line
    I would use (0,0) and perhaps (2.54, 1) or (5.1, 2)

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