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so I use g'(x) X h(x) + g(x) X h'(x)

so the derivative of (x^3+1)=3x^2
and (3x^3-1)=6x

So (3x^2)(x^3+1) + (x^3+1)(6x) Is this correct so far. If so this is where I am stuck. I am having trouble simplifing.

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    You made a mistake applying the "derivative of a product" formula.

    g'(x) = (3x^2)(3x^2-1) + (x^3+1)*6x
    = 12x^4 -3x^2 +6x
    = 3x(4x^3 -x^2 +2)

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    Actually I figure it out.

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    In google type: calc101

    When you see list of resultc click on:

    Calc101com Automatic Calculus and Algebra Help

    When page be open clik option: derivatives

    When this page be open in rectacangle type:


    and click options DO IT

    You will see solution step-by-step

    By the way on this site you can practice any kind of derivation.

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    Thank You!!

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