February 20, 2017

Homework Help: math

Posted by Joey on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 9:28pm.

A standard deck of cards has had all the face cards (Jacks, queens, and kings) removed so that only the ace through ten of each suit remains. A game is played in which two cards are drawn (without replacement) from this deck and a six-sided die is rolled. For the purpose of this game, an ace is considered to have a value of 1.

I know that the possible outcomes for this game is 9360.

but I get this question wrong.

b) Find the probability of each of the following events

i)one even card is drawn and an even number rolled

Second question I need help is this

A bag contains four red, three green, and five yellow marbles. Three marbles are drawn, one at time, without replacement. Determine the probablity that the order in which they are selected is

a) yellow, red, green
b)yellow, green,green

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